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6 Myths About Handmade Clothing

6 Myths About Handmade Clothing

Haute couture or a badly knitted Christmas jumper - what is your view of handmade clothing?

Buying handmade clothing can be a daunting process - especially when there are so many different views and opinions surrounding it. 

Perhaps you think it is too expensive and only for special occasions or that is unfashionable and poor quality.

There are a lot of myths out there and this blog post aims to dispel just a handful of them. 


1. Handmade Clothing is Poor Quality

Made at home, badly made, or it will fall apart after the first wash…these are just some of the common misconceptions surrounding the quality of handmade clothing.

We often think that for something to be of good quality it needs a big brand name attached to it, or for it to be bought in a ‘proper’ shop.

Handmade clothing, like most things you can buy, can vary in quality. But it is pretty unfair to label it all as poor quality – just because it doesn’t have a big brand label on it. 

Each piece I make is individually cut out and sewn together by me. I don’t have a super speedy production line to mass produce what I make and believe that it is this that often means handmade clothing is a much better quality than that which is mass produced.


2. You Can't Send Handmade Clothing Back

This myth is just wrong – although most people (including some sellers) don’t realise it.

Handmade sellers are required to work within the law and that means accepting returns not only on faulty goods but even if you change your mind. 

There are some exceptions – customised, personalised or made to measure items can only be returned if faulty or not as described.

You can read more about your rights when buying handmade clothing in this blog post: Can I Return Handmade Clothing

3. Handmade Clothing is Old Fashioned

When you think of handmade clothing do you think of out-of-date jumpers knitted by Grandma or clothing made out of floral curtains?

If you do, then you probably aren’t alone!

Handmade clothing isn’t just made of old curtains - although it’s a particularly thrifty way to reuse fabric if you want to take upcycling to a new level!

If you glance through the Tutti Frutti Clothing range you will find trendy unicorns and mermaids right through to  stylish monochrome prints.

Handmade clothing is no longer dowdy or unfashionable and you can find styles to match even the trendiest of designer shops!

4. Handmade Clothing is Only For Special Occasions

If you don’t think handmade is old fashioned, perhaps you think that it is only for the special occasions – a bridal or christening gown for example.

Whilst bridal and christening gowns are indeed special pieces, you don’t have to save your handmade clothing for special occasions only.
The rise in small instashops and handmade websites like Not On The High Street have made handmade accessible and, more than anything, wearable.

My best sellers are baby leggings, dresses and pants! It is all designed for play and robust enough for crawling babies, toddling toddlers and active kids. 

It certainly isn’t designed to be sat in a cupboard and saved for best.

5. Handmade Clothing is Too Expensive

Bespoke, Couture, Designer, Made to Measure…all words that create a feeling of high end fashion with a top end price tag.

But thanks to the internet, Facebook and online shopping, handmade clothing is now more accessible than ever – and that means you can usually find a piece to suit every budget.

There is also the added bonus that if you choose carefully and look after your handmade clothing it will last a long while. This will enable you to pass it down to younger siblings or even resell it. This reduces the cost per wear and give it a god resale value - meaning you get more for your money.

Find out more about what to do with your outgrown handmade clothing in this blog: Reduce, reuse, recycle...and resell?

Read more about how to better care for your clothes and make them last longer in this post: Why Do My Clothes Shrink?

6. Handmade Clothing is Hard to Find

It’s true, there aren’t many bricks and mortar shops in our high streets that sell good quality handmade clothing. You might be lucky and find a small craft market or similar but the majority of handmade sellers operate online.

There are an abundance of Facebook groups where you can buy handmade childrens clothing as well as a big variety of independent online gift shop.

Why not take a look at some of my favourites small online retailers where you can buy beautiful handmade children's clothing to suit all budgets:

And of course…you can also buy from me, Tutti Frutti Clothing - right here on this website! If you sign up to my newsletter you can claim £5 off your first order too!

It is no secret that I am champion of small, handmade business - it was the first thing I wrote about when I started this blog and I buy lots of handmade things for myself and as gifts throughout the year. 

You can read why I love handmade things in this post: Why I Buy Handmade (and think you should too!)

And take a look here if you are sceptical of handmade pants! Why Handmade Pants Are The Best

I’d love to hear what your views of handmade clothing are - why not leave a comment and let me know?


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