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Why Handmade Pants Are The Best

Why Handmade Pants Are The Best

Small pants, big pants, giant frilly pig pants, new pants, blue pants, one two three…

Giles Andrews PantsThat is the opening line of Giles Andreae’s book ‘Pants’. It’s a super book and if you haven’t read it I recommend finding a copy and reading it. It goes quite nicely with this blog post which, in case you hadn’t realised, is all about pants. Or undies, briefs, knickers – whatever you want to call them!

Have you ever thought about handmade pants?

I must admit, until I had a fussy potty-training toddler I hadn't. My eldest son wore standard supermarket little boy briefs. My middle child is a girl and her pants were nothing like the cool boy pants her brother got to wear. They were small with tight and itchy knicker elastic and she found them pretty uncomfortable. I searched everywhere for more comfortable pants for her and eventually, after trying several different brands I decided to make them myself.

I have now made and sold hundreds of pairs of Tutti Frutti Undies. I sell them on my stall at fairs and markets and they always draw attention.  I also get asked a lot of questions about them - why would you buy handmade pants when you can buy cheap supermarket pants so easily? Surely there are better things to spend my time making? I disagree - handmade pants are possibly one of the most underrated handmade things you can buy. I believe they really are better than mass produced ones. Here are my top 5 reasons why handmade pants are the best.


1. Handmade Pants are big, comfy and child-friendly

My children spend the majority of their time any way up but upright. On their heads, hanging off monkey bars, cartwheeling round the garden or just lying with their legs in the air. Due to this I spend a lot of time looking at their pants, and they spend a lot of time adjusting them. Handmade undies are bigger than shop bought undies, They give proper coverage and with wide waist and leg bands they stay put when the wearer is flipped upside down and hanging off a climbing frame! If you have a child that spends the majority of their time tumbling round a garden or soft play then big, comfy, handmade pants are the way to go. 

2. Handmade pants are bright and bold

Tutti Frutti Rainbow UndiesIf you look around the undies section of the high street shops you would think that pastel princesses and primary coloured superheroes were the only pants that children wanted. Handmade pants come in a variety of bold, bright colours and prints - in fact the Tutti Frutti Clothing organic rainbow pants are one of my bestsellers for boys and girls and you can customise them with your choice of coordinating bands too!  So don’t be dictated to by the high street shops - you can let you imagination run free when you buy handmade pants and get any colour you like!

3. Let Pants be Pants!

John lewis PantsThe high street shops are often split into boys and girls’ sections. It is clear from a quick glance that primary coloured pants are often on the boys side and pastels and pinks are reserved for girls. Aside from the colour differences, if you compare girls’ knickers to boys pants there is also a size difference. Boys pants are cut more generously with wide waistband elastic that looks comfortable and durable. On the other hand, girls knickers are flimsy and thin, often made to look pretty with lacy knicker elastic that can be itchy and dig in. One of the biggest advantages of handmade undies is that they are the same for boys and girls. Both genders can take advantage of comfortable, elastic free undies in bright or pastel colours – whichever you prefer. There is no distinction between girls’ knickers and boys’ briefs – they are both made to the same design here at Tutti Frutti Clothing. Some handmade sellers also make shorts which can be made for girls and boys too.

One style, one cut, one pair of comfy pants for everyone regardless of gender. Super!

4. Handmade pants are made for you

When you buy handmade pants you can get exactly what you want. If you have a specific request you can usually email the maker and they will do their best to accommodate you. A lady recently emailed me to re-order some pants for her son. She was one of the very first Tutti Frutti Clothing customers I had, right back at the start of 2016. Her request to me this week was simple – she wanted me to make pants that were the same style as the ones she bought over a year ago. You see, her son has sensory issues and the handmade pants from me are amongst the few pairs that he can wear easily with no fuss.  Buying handmade pants gives you that personal service that high street shops just can’t replicate.

And finally...

5. Handmade pants will make you smile!

The best thing about handmade pants is that as they are big, comfy and made just for you they will make you smile. And I should know…I make my own big comfy pants and rock them every day!
What do you think? Handmade pants for the win or just a bit odd? Why not comment below and let me know what you think! 

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