5 Reasons You Shouldn’t Buy From Tutti Frutti Clothing

5 Reasons You Shouldn’t Buy From Tutti Frutti Clothing

Buying children’s clothes can be really difficult. There are so many different styles and price ranges and the high street is inundated with different retailers of all sizes.

Perhaps you are stuck in a rut buying clothes from the same place every time because it is easy and you know what you are getting.

Maybe you want to buy from a small, independent retailer but just aren’t sure what to expect.

I want you to feel confident buying from smaller, handmade shops but we often work a little differently to the big guys. So here are a few reasons why Tutti Frutti Clothing might not be the shop for you.

You Want Next Day Delivery

Next Day DeliveryI used to love next day delivery. Order from Next up to 9pm and your order is with you the very next day, one click on Amazon as a prime member and your order is on your mat within 24 hours.  Awesome.

Sadly, I can’t sew as fast as Next can put your order in a bag and so I don't offer next day delivery.

Although most Tutti Frutti Clothing things are made and ready to post, there are a few made to order items on he website. Bigger sizes, grown up clothes and some zero waste products are made when you order them. This means that once I receive your order I put it in the pile of other orders and work my way through them. I cut each out order Individually and sew it together - it can take some time!

My turnaround time for made to order items is 21 days. And if it is in stock and ready to post it will be sent out in around 3 working days.

If you want your order fast and on your doormat the day after you order from me then Tutti Frutti Clothing probably isn’t for you.

Read more about my turnaround times here: How Long Does It Take To Make a Pair of Leggings

You Like Minimalist Clothing

We are all different and what one person loves, another person hates and that’s OK.

But if you love minimalist, monochrome kids clothes then Tutti Frutti Clothing probably isn’t for you. 

I love working with bold prints and quirky patterns. Rainbows, unicorns, loud dinosaurs and brightly coloured stripes are some of my bestsellers.

You will find some subtler prints in the mix , but there aren’t many.

So if you are looking to dress your child in simple, block colours, then you probably won’t find what your looking for on my website.

Organic Basics

You Want Something Made to Your Exact Specification

ail at her sewing machineDo you know exactly what you are after - from the colour and type of fabric right down to the style and coordinating buttons? 

Or perhaps you want to give someone your childs measurements and have them create a piece especially for them? 

Then you probably need someone who can offer you a custom made or made to measure service.

And that isn’t me.

I specialise in made to order clothing. What you see on the website is what I have in my current collection and what you can order. You will receive something that is just like the photo in the website listing. 

That isn’t to say that I am not open to suggestions! Quite the opposite. I love to hear your ideas and really enjoy chatting about what colours go together for the new collections. 

If you come and hang out in the Tutti Frutti Clothing Members Club over on Facebook you can take part in choosing the fabrics for upcoming ranges and occasionally special offers pop up with things for sale that don’t make it on to the website.

You Love to Tumble Dry Everything





It’s raining and you need to dry the washing quickly. It’s mounted up after the weekend and it needs to be done and dried ASAP.

I have three kids. I know that the washing can take over and I admit that I probably use our tumble dryer more that I should.

But I never stick my own Tutti Frutti Clothing things in the tumble drier because it will shrink them, wear them out quickly and dull the bright colours.

I make everything with love and care -  don’t spoil them by washing them with heavy jeans and tumble drying them. They will only fade and shrink if you don't look after them. And trust me, they just won’t look as lovely afterwards.

Wash them with care and treat them well and they will last and last. You can then pass them down to your friends or on to other siblings to enjoy and spread the Tutti Frutti Clothing love just that little bit further.

Read more about how to wash your clothing so it lasts here: Why Do My Clothes Shrink?

You Like a Bargain or a Cheeky Discount

Popping to the shops and finding you favourite pizza is on a half price deal or the cereal that you love is reduced makes you and your purse very happy indeed.

I agree. I love nothing more than finding a bargain or asking for, and getting, money off my shopping.

But I am not Sainsbury’s or Tesco. I’m not even Boden with their massive 70% off sales or Debenhams with amazing Black Friday deals.

I’m me. Just me in my dining room bringing you happy, colourful clothes.

I’d love to offer you massive savings - buy one get one free deals or discounts that increase the more you buy-  but I can’t.

Or rather I won’t.

I work hard to find the best fabric that I can that has been fairly and ethically produced. I personally piece your clothes together making sure that each seam and each hem is 'just so' before wrapping it in tissue paper and a lovely cardboard box (no more plastic packaging here!) and walking to my local post office to post it to you.

As a small, handmade business I strive to give you the best I can. And that comes at a price.

So please don’t message me asking for a discount if one isn’t already advertised. It just makes the conversation really awkward.

Occasionally I do offer discount codes and even freebies in exchange for photos I can use on my website. Just join my Facebook group and you are more than welcome to take advantage of any special offers I post in there or even try to nab a freebie when the chance arises…

Looking to join the Tutti Frutti Clothing Members Club on Facebook? JOIN HERE


I love what I do and I hope that you do too. But I wouldn’t want you to place an order with Tutti Frutti Clothing without knowing exactly what you are getting.

You are getting the same thing as the picture the website listing shows, for a price that reflects the time that goes into each piece using quality, ethical and sustainable fabric. You are getting a piece of clothing that has been individually handmade. It will be made and posted withing 21 days of your order being placed and, if you look after it carefully, it will last a long while.

But if you love a bargain, and can't resist an exclusive offer…do join me in the Tutti Frutti Clothing Members Club. I’d love to connect with you and chat with you more over there!



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