Tutti Frutti is committed to being the best version of itself. Which sounds like a really odd thing to say. But hear me out...

To be a sustainable and responsible brand I have to do my best to make things better. 

Tutti Frutti is already doing a lot in terms on looking after the planet. But I can do so much more. Its just hard work. But isn't everything?

Tutti Frutti's mission is "making bold clothes for kids the put people and planet first."

Here are all the ways we are currently doing this:



1. All our employees are paid a fair, living wage

2. We promote wellbeing above profits. All our staff have families and they come above Tutti Frutti. Sometimes this means the shops is closed unexpectedly, or orders are slower to be shipped. This is ok. This is life. 

3. We are trying to make sure that our suppliers treat their staff and workers fairly. As a small business it is hard to get these answers from suppliers but we are trying. 

4. We are accountable for the products we sell and if we get it wrong, we say so. 

5. We promote equality and diversity throughout our shop and website. This is through the products we sell and the welcome we give our customers. Everyone is welcome in our shop and we hope our products represent as many of our customers as possible. 



1. Tutti Frutti is proud to be a Plastic Free champion.

2. All our orders are sent in plastic free and recyclable packaging.

3. Our marketing materials are made from recycled card and paper. 

4. We recycle as much waste as we can.

5. We choose suppliers who send their products to us in recycled and recyclable or plastic free packaging. 

6. We promote alternatives to single use plastics. 

7. Our own clothing is cut out in small batches making sure we have a little waste as possible.

8. Our fabric offcuts are made into undies and reusable wipes.

9. Tiny scraps are donated to schools, nurseries and charity shops free of charge for crafting and small projects. 



Tutti Frutti Clothing - Own Brand

1. Our own brand clothes are designed to be equal for girls and boys. We do not list clothes are "for boys" or "for girls". Children are encouraged to wear what they find comfortable which is why we make leggings, t-shirts and shorts to one simple pattern. 

2. We use responsible materials - primarily organic cotton with a touch or elastane for comfort.

3. Our clothes are created to be as zero waste as possible, with offcuts used for smaller projects and scraps donated to charity.

4. Tutti Frutti clothes are created with longevity in mind. We offer a repair service to make sure your clothes last as long as they can. 

5. We have a resale platform via out Facebook group

Other Products We Sell

1. All other product we stock are made with natural, organic, recycled or otherwise eco-friendly materials

2. We do not sell single use plastic products. 

3. We aim to only work with suppliers that share our core values. 


The above is pretty much everything that I am currently doing at Tutti Frutti to make our mission of putting people and planet first come true. There is so much more that I am either working on or want to achieve though, These are just a few things that Tutti Frutti needs to improve on:

1. I need to improve the transparency of my supply chain. As a (really) small business it is hard to get the proof of the credentials from each supplier. I know my fabric is printed using Oeko-Tex certified dyes and inks and is printed on GOTS certified yarn/fabric but I do not know where the cotton is grown. 

2. I want to improve my circular business model. How can I promote a resale channel for Tutti Frutti?

3. I currently use polyester thread and nylon elastic. I need to research if there are better, more planet friendly alternatives to these materials. 

4. Occasionally supplier send products in single use packaging. How can I work towards no single use plastic in Tutti Frutti?

These are just a few things that I need to work on. As a micro business I find transparency throughout the supply chain the hardest to navigate. But I am confident that we will get there - even if it takes a long time!




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