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Award Winning Organic Kids Clothes

Making bold clothes for kids that put the future of our planet and its people first

Tutti Frutti began in 2016 as a small handmade brand making children’s clothes from colourful jersey. I sold the clothes I made at local craft fairs and markets.

As the brand grew from the kitchen table to a home workshop, so has my understanding of the damage of fast fashion and the “buy it now” approach to life.

I began to look closely at how I made each product and impact it had on the planet and
moved from standard cotton and polyester fabrics to ethically sourced organic cotton jersey fabrics.

Every piece is lovingly and proudly made in England., staying true to Tutti Frutti’s ethos; making bold clothes for kids that put the future of our planet and its people first.

In November 2021 I opened my first Tutti Frutti shop in my hometown of Letchworth Garden City, Hertfordshire. Alongside my own award winning Tutti Frutti clothing I stock lots of other gorgeous brands that share the Tutti Frutti values.

Our values are a core part of Tutti Frutti...read more about them below


I believe that children should wear clothes they can be children in.

Tutti Frutti clothes can be worn for walk in the woods or to a friend’s house; to nursery or for tea at Nanny’s house. They do not follow trends but are designed to catch your eye, make you feel good when you wear them and be full of fun prints and colour.

Long Lasting

I believe that clothes should be mended, repaired and passed on.

It might seem counter intuitive to promote buying less clothes as a clothing brand but I believe that only way to make a difference to our planet is to consume less. Tutti Frutti is made to last and be passed on to family and friends when they are outgrown. Sew them up, mend holes with bright patches – or send them back to me to do it for you.


I believe that all children are equal.

I don’t make clothes to fit gender stereotypes or to put children into boxes they don’t want to be in. Leggings are made in one comfy style that looks good on boys and girl and our soft fabrics and tidy seams make them ideal for children that perhaps need a little more comfort from their clothes.


I believe in slow fashion.

I make clothes in small batches, never producing more than I need to in order to reduce waste. I use only organic cotton that is fairly produced and manufactured and I pay a fair wage.

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