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How to Buy the Right Size from Tutti Frutti Clothing

Do you love the convenience of buying clothes online, but despair at having to return them when they don’t fit? Perhaps you know you should read the size guides but your child never fits exactly to the size guide so you never know which size to buy anyway. Maybe you love the idea of handmade clothes but worry that they are not the same fit as the high street shops If you have slim children’s, rounder children or children with legs that never fit into the size ‘meant’ for them then this blog post of for you. Can you Guarantee It Will Fit? Quite simply, no I can't. What I mean is that every child is different and although you...

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Why I Charge More for Bigger Sizes

Have you ever wondered why bigger sizes cost more than smaller sizes in some children’s clothes shops? Perhaps you refuse to shop in places where bigger sizes cost more because you think it is unfair or discriminatory? I received an email recently from a lady who wanted to know why a dress in age 9-10 years cost £13 more than that same dress in  0-3 months. It is a great question as charging more for bigger sizes isn’t the norm across the children’s clothing industry – or rather, charging so much more for bigger sizes than smaller sizes isn’t the norm, Shops like Boden and Frugi, to name a couple, charge a little more for their kids range than their...

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How To Buy Handmade Children's Clothing

Made to order, made to measure, custom made or bespoke? There are so many different terms in the creative, handmade clothing world that it can be difficult to keep up it. One company offers ‘custom made clothing’, another only uses their own website and yet another has an album of fabric on a Facebook page, a ‘pinned post’ and releases ‘slots’ weekly, or monthly, and you always seem to miss out. Confusing isn’t it? The world of handmade clothing can be a minefield and it is often really difficult to know where to start. This blog post looks at a few of the most common terms in the handmade clothing industry and will help you find your way through the world...

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Measuring Your Child for Handmade Clothes

Do you find it difficult to buy children’s clothing that fits the way you want it to? Perhaps you shop from the same places over and over again because you know the clothes will fit your child and you’ve given up buying from a certain shop because the clothes never fit. Like us, children come in all shapes and sizes. What fits one child doesn’t fit another. Big tummies, chunky thighs, little legs or special requirements – there is no one size fits all. Even for children’s clothing. Buying handmade children’s clothing is a great way to get something you love, that will last. If it made well then it will be a great investment – both for you and...

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5 Reasons You Shouldn’t Buy From Tutti Frutti Clothing

Buying children’s clothes can be really difficult. There are so many different styles and price ranges and the high street is inundated with different retailers of all sizes.Perhaps you are stuck in a rut buying clothes from the same place every time because it is easy and you know what you are getting. Maybe you want to buy from a small, independent retailer but just aren’t sure what to expect.I want you to feel confident buying from smaller, handmade shops but we often work a little differently to the big guys. So here are a few reasons why Tutti Frutti Clothing might not be the shop for you. You Want Next Day Delivery I used to love next day delivery....

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