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How to Buy the Right Size from Tutti Frutti Clothing

How to Buy the Right Size from Tutti Frutti Clothing

Do you love the convenience of buying clothes online, but despair at having to return them when they don’t fit?

Perhaps you know you should read the size guides but your child never fits exactly to the size guide so you never know which size to buy anyway.

Maybe you love the idea of handmade clothes but worry that they are not the same fit as the high street shops

If you have slim children’s, rounder children or children with legs that never fit into the size ‘meant’ for them then this blog post of for you.

Can you Guarantee It Will Fit?

Quite simply, no I can't.

What I mean is that every child is different and although you can measure you can never really be sure that something will truly fit until you try it on.

But don’t despair…measuring your child and buying the clothing size for their measurements will hopefully meant you have less returns but no one can guarantee that something will fit.

This short blog post looks at everything that I make here at Tutti Frutti Clothing and looks in details at the fit and style, including measurements, so you can make sure you get the right size for your child.

More About Sizing

Tutti Frutti Clothing is made in sizes 0-6 months up to 9-10 years.

I make just two sizes for babies under 12 months – 0-6m and 6-12m.

Previously I had many sizes for babies under 12 months (newborn 0-3m, 3-6m, 6-9m, 9-12m) and I thought long and hard about reducing the sizes down to just two.

This was because people want good quality, handmade clothes to fit and babies grow so quickly they are not in the tiny sizes for long.

So I canut the sizes down and made them into sizes much better for growing babies and to give as gifts. 

0-6 months will  be quite large on a tiny baby but should fit by the time baby is a few weeks old!

Before We Start….

It is best to know you child’s measurements before you begin.

Make sure you have a soft tape measure, paper and a pencil, and the child you want to measure,

You will need the following measurements from your child:

  1. Height
  2. Chest
  3. Waist
  4. Hips
  5. Inside Leg

Read more on how to measure your child:

Help! I don’t have the right measurements

If you are buying something from Tutti Frutti Clothing as a gift it is quite possible that you don’t have the child to hand to measure.

If you think the child is on the smaller size or average size, I would buy the size that corresponds with their age.

For larger than average children always size up.

If in doubt, buy the next size up as they can always grow into it!

How They Fit...

Baby & Child Leggings

Tutti Frutti Clothing leggings are made to an easy to wear, unisex pattern. They are meant to be a relaxed fit – which means they are not designed to be skin tight – and resemble a slim fit jogger or lounge pant.

To get the correct fit you will need the child’s hip and inside leg measurement.

If your child is in between sizes it is safest to size up – you can always turn up the reversible cuff if they are a little too long.

It is worth noting that smaller sizes (0-6 up to 18-24m) have been designed to fit over a nappy – even a cloth nappy. These sizes are more generous in the bottom area and make the perfect new baby or baby shower present!

Unisex Tops

Tutti Frutti Clothing tops are also designed to be unisex.

By that I mean they are deliberately a looser fit and don’t have any feminine shaping to them. They suit both boys and girls.

To work out the correct size Tutti Frutti Clothing top for your child, you will need your child’s height and waist measurement.

It is best to buy the size that fits your child's waist measurement. If you buy one purely on height and your child has a larger waist than that size is made for you might find it is a little too tight.

My children are slim/average build and I make them to size that corresponds to their age.


The gathered waist dress is such a lovely shape and something of a staple in my children’s wardrobes at the moment.

You just need your child’s chest measurement to make sure that it will fit round them properly. The size guide also give you the finished length of the dress – which in this case is the measurement from the nape of the neck to the hem of the dress.

What to do if your child is between sizes

In most cases, if you child is between sizes I would recommend sizing up.

Cuffs and sleeves can be rolled up and the child can always grow into something – which is so much better than it being too tight or not fitting for long.

If you measure and find that your child is unexpectedly measuring way out  from their age/usual size don’t panic – just drop me an email (Ali @ and I will be more than happy to help!

Help – It Doesn’t Fit!

If you follow my guides and take accurate measurements then I really do hope that the clothes you order fit.

However, all children are different shapes and what fits my children might not fit yours.

If something doesn’t fit just get in touch and I can help sort the problem. You might need a different size or just prefer a refund.

Either is possible – just contact me within 14 days of receiving your order!

Returning handmade clothing is absolutely possible if something has been made to a standard size. 

READ more:


This short guide is just designed to let you know a little more about the fit of each item I make. You can always email me for more help or leave a comment below and I will get back to you!

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