Repair Service

The Tutti Frutti Clothing Repair Scheme is designed to save your colourful handmade clothes from landfill and make them wearable again. 

If you have a much loved pair of Tutti Frutti Clothing leggings with a split seam or a dress with a loose hem then I can fix them for you - free of charge.

Here are all the details you need:

1. What can you send back to be repaired?

Any Tutti Frutti Clothing garments that you have regardless of how old they are. They can be a gift or bought by you - just tell me the name of the person who bought them and where (or order number if you have it)

2. Can you send back any handmade clothes to be repaired?

No – I am only able to repair clothes that I have made myself – any clothing from Tutti Frutti Clothing. I am not able to repair any other makers clothing or ‘shop bought’ clothing. 

3. What can I repair?

I can mend split seams in the crotch or legs of leggings, split seams in t-shirts and loose hems in dresses or tops.

4. What if the item has a hole in the main fabric?

At this time, I am unable to repair holes in knees or the main body of any garment. However, I am able to send you a small piece of matching* or co-ordinating fabric for you to patch the item up yourself (or take to someone else to patch up if you aren’t able to do this yourself!)

*matching fabric will be subject to availability 

5. Can I mend anything?

I will certainly try to mend the seams and hems if I can! If the seams have split beyond repair or I feel that the item is really not going to make it I will let you know and send it back to you.

If you would like to find out more about the Tutti Frutti Clothing Repair Service or have and item of Tutti Frutti Clothing to be mended please get in touch.

If you want to patch up your own leggings you can buy one of our funky patches. Just handstitch up the hole and iron on one of these patches and make your leggings last longer!


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