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It It OK for Boys to Wear Leggings?

It It OK for Boys to Wear Leggings?

or should leggings be just for girls?

Over the last few years the popularity of baby leggings has risen. I became a fan when I couldn’t find suitable trousers to fit over a huge cloth nappy and have remained a fan ever since.

But they divide opinion - some think they are just for girls, to other they are the ultimate in comfort for any gender. 

Which camp are you in?


Rainbow Weather Leggings
Our rainbow weather print leggings are great for boys and girls


Personally I think that leggins are are comfy, easy to wear and don’t restrict movements like tight, thick jeans do. they are stylish and super practical too.

But there is one thing that lots of people still worry about...Can I put a boy in leggings?!

Leggings are usually associated with girls - think skinny fit leggings -  and I think that this is putting some people off them.

But leggings have changed since they first entered mainstream fashion. And now there is pair to suit every body - boy or girl.

But maybe it’s time to look closer at leggings. This blog post takes a quick look at how and why leggings can be gender neutral and a few difference design features to help you make up your mind.

What is Gender Neutral Clothing?

Can leggings really be one style for all?

Gender Neutral. Unisex. For Boys and Girls. 

Gender neutral really just means that it is suitable for both boys and girls. Unisex is when something is designed for both boys and girls.

Tutti Frutti Clothing leggings are both gender neutral and unisex. Designed and suitable for both boys and girls.

I designed my leggings pattern to be roomy around the bottom, slim in the leg and with a simple cuff. This way they really are easy for both boys and girls to wear.

Read more: What Makes Tutti Frutti a Gender Neutral Brand?

Relaxed Fit

Like jeans there are many different fits to leggings. Slim fit, skinny fit, relaxed fit…there are lots of different ways to wear your leggings.

Organic rainbow and star leggings

Tutti Frutti organic rainbow and star leggings are a relaxed fit - great for all kids! 

Skinny fit is something that we perhaps associate more with leggings in the girls’ sections of shops. They are usually skin tight and come with a longer top or can be worn under a dress.

Skin tight leggings are cool and funky but I wanted something a bit comfier when I designed the Tutti Frutti Leggings.

Tutti Frutti Clothing leggings are slim fitting – which basically means they are not designed to be skin tight but they aren’t as baggy as jogging bottoms!

Of course, it does all depend on the shape of your child – here you can see a toddler fills them out more than a slim 7-year-old but you get the idea – they are not designed to fit like ladies leggings at all.

Tutti Frutti Clothing leggings are roomy in the bottom to accommodate a nappy, but also because it is a little bit more flattering on both genders. They are also a little baggier in the leg - skinny leggings are traditionally thought of as a girls style so I've made mine comfy for all!


I bet you didn’t realise that there was so much to a pair of leggings, did you?!

But Can Boys Really Wear Leggings?





Yes! Boys can and should wear leggings. They are just comfy trousers!

But you know what? It’s just a name for a piece of clothing isn’t it? Leggings, slim fit joggers, jersey trousers, lightweight pants – call them what you want but there is nothing gendered about them at all.

Let me know what you think – do you love leggings? Or do you think they shouldn’t be worn by boys? I’d love to know your thoughts!


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  • I served as a Police Officer for 28 years. I learned the hard way and friggin near freezing my butt off on a cold winters night doing traffic duty in a busy intersection in the middle of January one night. My partner laughed because he didn’t seem to get as cold as I did when he was out on the street. He showed me the ladies tights he was wearing under his uniform trousers and this was why he was able to keep warm. I went out and bought several pair of woolen tights and now I wear them all the time during the winter months. I found out that many young boys wore their sisters tights from an early age.

    Jeremy Duffy on

  • I’m Non-Binary, definitely over 21 years of age, (allegedly) an adult, and I wear leggings most days of the week.
    Which combined with my being 6ft tall with a shaven head and vampire-red goatee makes for an interesting sight! Clothes are clothes and should be gender neutral.
    I use a power-wheelchair following a Stroke in April 2022 and leggings, harem pants etc are ideal clothing for a wheelchair user.
    I wish your designs were available in adult sizes :-)
    Love, Cal

    Cal the Wheelchair Witch on

  • Disabled children who may be unable to stand or be toilet trained are often most comfortable in a legging. H&M makes great leggings—with an adjustable waist—but they stop at 4T. I really wish more manufacturers would provide do leggings in colors for older boys, and they need to do an adjustable waist for the skinny guys.

    Brenda Harmon on

  • Boys or men can wear Leggings like women do. We have 2020 now. So Equalize. Emancipate. Make YOUR independent personal fashion Statement and wear what YOU want to wear. Other people’s standpoints are irrelevant. Trends are irrelevant. (All this is even artificial and fashion brand hypes are only there for selling new stuff all the time, over and over again. ). So, make it yours. Comfort counts. And leggings are so f*cking comfy. At home and anywhere else. Be yourself. Wear that Legwear.

    Bernd P. on

  • I have twin bows age 14. I have had them wearing leggi6since birth they grew up wearing them and have ever since.they both love weari6them and even like lit of colors a d patterns. They agree it’s nice to wear a long shirt with them easy way to dress and be comfortable. There has been times they borrow mine.

    Alexis on

  • Of course, boys should wear girls leggins on the age of 14 to 1
    7 . Because it makes boys softy and comfy. They feel very comfortable in girls legging. I think all boys should wear leggings . 😍😍🥰😘😘😘

    Cutie Pie Aditi on

  • Of course, boys should wear girls leggins on the age of 14 to 1
    7 . Because it makes boys softy and comfy. They feel very comfortable in girls legging. I think all boys should wear leggings . 😍😍🥰😘😘😘

    Cutie Pie Aditi on

  • I always dressed my boys in leggings and my oldest 14 still prefers leggings over jeans.

    Rosario on

  • Hi I’ve got 2 boys, aged two and 6years years old and I love them in leggings! Even better, they love being in them! They’re comfy and cosy and just so easy to wear. Going to look at yours right now!

    Dawn Willetts on

  • YES! Boys definately should wear leggings. I think there will be an age where my 3 year old no longer suits them, but until that day we will remain legging addicts. We started as a baby because they were comfy and flexible, then we carried on into potty traiming because they were easy to pull up and down and wash. And now, well he rocks them so we will continue for as long as we can. Keep doing what youre doing.

    Jade Barnes on

  • I am and always have been a big fan of leggings for my son – he’s 2 and a bit and I have dressed him in leggings since day 1 – he doesn’t like jeans, or anything with a button at the waist, and why the heck shouldn’t he wear them? They are comfy, easy to wash and most definitely shouldn’t be defined as just girls clothing. Boys clothes are lacking in so many shops anyway, don’t limit them any more than they already are!

    Ruth on

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