Pom Pom Animals

£19.99 GBP

Bring the delightful world of wooden animals to life with Kipod's Pom Pom Animals kit! Kids can create a magnificent Lion, a fluffy Sheep, and a spiky Porcupine with wooden bodies and colorful woolen pom-poms. Engage their imaginations and encourage fine motor skills with this creative and fun experience. The vibrant results will bring a smile to your face - you won't be able to resist getting involved!

Create your very own Lion, Sheep, and Porcupine with this lovely Pom Pom Animals set.

Combining the softness of pom-poms with high-quality wood, this unique set helps your little one develop their imagination, creativity, and fine motor skills!

This kit is tested and safe for children ages 4+, let your child experience the joy of crafting their own high-quality toy!