Night Nappy - Fitted Reusable Nappy

$24.00 USD
Introducing our One Size Night Fitted Reusable Nappy, the ultimate solution for a restful nights sleep; especially for the heavy-wetters! This nappy is designed with you and baby in mind, featuring a super-soft internal stay-dry lining and an internal double gusset. The adjustable snaps on the waist and height guarantee a snug fit for babies weighing 10lb to 35 lbs, meaning you don't need to worry about buying the next size up! The Fitted nappy comes with 2 of our bamboo inserts, as well as a super thirsty hemp snake insert. Simply pop the inserts in the pocket at the back of the nappy, and fit onto baby as you would. Then add a waterproof cover, ensuring all fabric is tucked in to the wrap. You can finally ditch the disposables and use a nappy that actually lasts the night; giving you and baby the restful sleep you need. Remember to pair your fitted with a waterproof nappy wrap. Composition Outer: 70% Bamboo 30% Cotton Inner: 100% Polyester Fleece Hemp Insert: 55% Hemp 4