Jumbo Watercolour Pencils Tin

£10.95 GBP

Introducing our jumbo watercolour pencils from Cotton Twist, offering a mess-free painting experience that's 100% plastic-free, FSC registered, and CE compliant. Perfect for rainy days, art projects, travel, or everyday creativity, each tin holds 10 jumbo pencils in vibrant rainbow hues, including brown, black, and white. Also included is a branded jumbo sharpener and paintbrush.

Achieve bold, vibrant colours by dipping the pencil in water before use, or create a watercolour effect by blending with a wet paintbrush. The enclosed instruction card guides you on colour mixing for endless possibilities. The pencil tin measures 17.7cm x 7.3cm x 2.2cm, while each triangular jumbo pencil measures 9cm by 1cm in diameter. Dive into creativity with our comprehensive set, designed to inspire artistic exploration.

Indulge in creativity with our enchanting gift tin, complete with everything necessary to craft a delightful fairy bracelet. After crafting, repurpose the tin to store your bracelet or small treasures. Materials include a hinged tin, wooden flower beads, spherical beads, and elastic with metal ends for easy beading. Tin dimensions measure 81 x 53 x 16mm.