Emotions Flashcards + Daily Activities Flashcards

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These emotions flashcards have been designed to help toddlers understand their feelings and emotions so they can later develop effective ways of managing them. 

They make a great gift but are also perfect as a gifts but also in helping toddlers/preschoolers with delayed speech or with ASD.

Each pack has 10 common emotions on the front and 10 daily activities on the back. They are brightly coloured to ensure your child is stimulated & engaged with the learning activity - and most importantly durable & wipeable!

This is a lovely fun and educational toy that will help your little one express themselves while they learn.


Each pack includes the following (front/back):

  • loved/use the toilet
  • excited/get dressed
  • confused/brush my teeth
  • happy/eat some food
  • surprised/read a book
  • sad/go to bed
  • worried/have a bath
  • angry/go to the park
  • tired/play with toys
  • shocked/ride my bike