Close Pop-In Newborn Nappy Bundle

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For new parents considering reusable nappies, the journey often begins with disposables or eco-disposables for newborns due to the bulkiness of birth-to-potty sizing, typically starting from 7-8 lbs.

This Pop-in Newborn Nappy Bundle offers an economical and eco-friendly solution right from day one.

With a contoured front section designed to accommodate the umbilical cord and a slimmer shape tailored for the frequent changes of the 4th trimester, it ensures a comfortable fit.

The waterproof outer shell can be reused if not soiled, while the soaker features 5 layers of soft bamboo terry and a fast-wicking polyester layer for optimal absorbency. Additionally, the Close Pop-In award-winning nappy features a leak-proof double leg gusset, securely containing newborn poo.

Each nappy also repurposes a plastic water bottle, contributing to sustainability efforts. The Pop-in Part-time Newborn Nappy Pack, the most economical option, includes 6 unisex outer shell covers and 10 newborn soakers.

Suitable for tiny babies from 5lbs up to approximately 3 months or 12lbs, this one-size-fits-all solution is crafted from recycled polyester TPU laminated for the outer shell and a blend of fast-wicking polyester and bamboo viscose for the soaker.

Specific care instructions include machine washing up to 60 degrees, avoiding biological powder, citric acid, bleach, or fabric softener, and refraining from ironing or tumble drying on high heat to preserve product lifespan. Pre-washing is recommended to maximize absorbency.