Close Pop-In Newborn Nappy Bundle

$70.00 USD

New parents opting for reusable nappies often find themselves using disposables or eco disposables for their newborns, as birth-to-potty sizing tends to start from 7-8 lbs. and is often too bulky in the first days. 

This Pop-in Newborn Nappy Bundle provides an economical and ecological way to cloth from day one, with a contoured front section to fit around the umbilical cord and a much slimmer shape for the frequent changes of the 4th trimester. The waterproof outer shell can be reused if not soiled and the soaker is made with 5 layers of soft bamboo terry and a fast-wicking polyester layer.

Plus, the Close Pop-In award-winning nappy boasts a leak-proof double leg gusset for securely containing newborn poo's! Thanks to recycled materials, each nappy also repurposes a plastic water bottle.

Our Pop-in Part-time Newborn Nappy Pack is the most economical way to buy, so, what's in the box? There are 6 unisex outer shell covers and 10 newborn soakers

One size fits from tiny baby 5lbs to approximately 3 months  or 12lbs

Outer shell: 100% Recycled Polyester TPU laminated. Soaker: Top layer; 100% Fast Wicking Polyester Bottom; 75% Bamboo Viscose 25% Polyester

Specific Care Instructions

Machine wash up to 60 degrees. Do not use biological powder, citric acid, bleach or fabric softener. Do not iron, or tumble dry on high heat (routine tumble drying may reduce the lifespan on the product.) Wash with similar colours. Pre-washing recommended to maximise absorbency