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Why You Should Choose Handmade Clothes for Your Children

Why You Should Choose Handmade Clothes for Your Children

I started Tutti Frutti 7 years ago - and there are so many more handmade brands now that when I started. Which shows that the popularity of handmade clothing is ever growing.

the start of Tutti Frutti

Ali near the start of the Tutti Frutti journey. March 2017

The rise of handmade clothing could possibly be a direct result of the rise of fast fashion...and our increasing awareness of the damage that causes the planet. 

But what is so great about handmade clothes - and why should you be choosing it for your children?

From unique style to environmental friendliness, here are seven reasons why you should consider incorporating handmade clothing into your wardrobe:

1. Unique Style

Handmade clothing is often made in small batches -making it more individual and personal to you. I know that I source my fabrics and prints in small amounts - which means I can create new style regularly but also you won't find many other children in those leggings on the playground!

2. Better Fit

Whilst my clothing isn't made to measure, it does tend to fit better than mass produced clothing. I cut everything out insmaller amounts which means there are no wonky or twisted t-shirts in the Tutti Frutti shop!

Other brands do make to measure - so if you're after a perfect fit for your child then consider buying handmade!

3. Durability

Here at Tutti Frutti I buy only the best quality organic cotton jersey. Sewing with high-quality materials and a meticulous attention to detail my clothes are more durable and long-lasting than mass-produced clothing.

4. Supports Local Economy

By choosing handmade clothing, you support local makers and small businesses and play a part in boosting the local economy.

Ali sewing in the shop, November 2021
Ali, sewing in the shop. November 2021

5. Environmentally Friendly

I use only organic cotton in my clothes. I try my hardest to befind out as much as I can about supliers - which is really hard to do - and be as transparent as possible.

I dew in small batches, create far less waste than mass produced fast fashion which make choosing handmade clothing a more environmentally conscious choice than mass-produced clothing.

Ali in her home studio

6. Personal Connection

When you buy from a small handmade shop you will often meet then maker.

If you come into the Tutti Frutti shop you can see me at work.

You can to connect with the person that made the clothes. I think that makes it more special, don't you?

7. Attention to Detail

I know that my own Tutti Frutti range is crafted with care and attention to detail, resulting in a higher-quality product that is both stylish and functional. And if something goes wrong? I will fix it. No problem!

Buying handmade clothes your children is so beneficial - maybe not for every piece but worth trying where ever you can. From unique style to environmental friendliness, by choosing handmade, you can support local makers, enjoy better made clothes and your child gets to make a statement with their personal style.

Are you going to give handmade clothes a go?

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