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How Repairing Your Clothes Can Help Save the Planet

Put your hand up if you have a pile of clothes with missing buttons, broken zips or loose hems waiting to be fixed? Keep that hand up if you know that you will never really get around to mending them. My hand is still in the air….how about yours? There is a huge environmental cost to our clothes. The way we make, use and throw away our clothes is unsustainable. After all, it is often easier and cheaper to buy something new to replace the broken garment than it is to get it repaired. Globally we consume 80 billion pieces of clothing every year. One bin lorry full of clothing is landfilled or burned every second. Those figures are pretty...

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5 Ways to Make your Children’s Clothes Last Longer

What do you do with the clothes your children no longer need? Do you give them away or pass them? What about about the clothes that are too worn to be passed on? I put a lot of our clothes that are beyond wearing into our textile recycling bins. My local council takes textiles with our kerbside recycling collections.  We just pop clothes and other textiles into a carrier bag and the council take them away. They are then are sent to a recycling centre that sorts them by quality abd they are either sold on to be reused abroad or recycled into things like cushion stuffing. But how much of that recycling can we do at home? How can...

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7 Ways to Stop Your Colourful Baby Leggings Fading in the Wash

We’ve all been there, haven't we? After a few washes those black leggings have faded to grey. Or your red top looks a little lighter, and more pinky than red. It's not so bad when it's cheaper clothes, or clothes designated for messy play or nursery.  But what about when it happens to your child's favourite leggings? You know, the ones they cry for when they are wet in the washing machine. The ones you saved up for and look so lovely you aren't even sure you want your baby to actually wear them... Perhaps you love brightly coloured baby leggings but are worried those lovely bright colours will fade quickly? Do not fear! With just a little bit of tweaking...

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6 Ways to Save Money on Children's Clothes

 Do you find it frustrating that clothing your children can be so expensive? Are you fed up of your children growing out of their clothes before they have even had a chance to wear them? And they seem to need so much stuff! Perhaps you are conscious that buying so many clothes is not only a waste of money but bad from the planet too. Is buying cheap clothing the answer or does that short term gain result in long term damage? In this short blog post I share 6 ways that we can save money when we buy children’s clothing – with the added bonus that is will also go towards saving the planet too! 1. Planning Ahead...

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How Many Clothes Do Children Really Need?

Are your kids wardrobes stuffed full of clothes? Do you ever look at the contents of their drawers and wonder if they really need it all? Perhaps you have tried decluttering a la Marie Kondo but still you think your kids have too many clothes? I know that I am guilty of all these things. In the last few months I have cleared out many bin bags stuffed full of outgrown clothes. I’ve given the clothes to charity shops, friends and family with smaller children and sent what is totally worn out to the recycling centre. Yet it still feels like we have too much. Too Many Clothes Can be Draining When I look at the washing pile I am...

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