Starting School: Home Clothes vs School Uniform

Starting School: Home Clothes vs School Uniform

What is the first thing your children do when they get home from school?


Do they head straight to the fridge for some much-needed food – my children are always hungry when they get home!

Perhaps they lounge on the sofa to catch up with their favourite programmes.

Or maybe they head to the garden to run around and get some fresh air and let off steam.





Do you know what I ask my children to do before they do anything else?

Get changed.

Take off their school uniform and put on home clothes.

I think that changing out of a uniform and putting on your own clothes is one of the most important things to do when the school day ends.

And here is why:


Changing into home clothes lets you be who you want to be

Many schools argue that by having a set uniform it puts all children on an even playing field.

Children focus on their education rather than what they are wearing. It unites the children – much like a team sports kit can - and it can reduce peer pressure and bullying.

But wearing a uniform and making children all dress the same also promotes conformity over individuality. Some might even argue a school uniform restricts freedom of expression.

So when my children get home from school the first thing I want them to do is take that uniform off and put on something that they want to wear.

Something that they feel comfortable in and reflect who they are.


When my children get home from school they no longer have to be the same as everyone else. They are free to be who they want to be and wear clothes that they want to wear.

Changing in home clothes reduces the amount of washing

Hear me out on this one.

I have three children. If they wore a clean school uniform every day, by the end of Friday I would have at 15 polo shirts, 5 pairs of trousers, 10 skirts and 30 socks to wash.

I encourage my children to get changed into home clothes so that they can wear their school uniform for at least a second day.

If my children wear a polo shirt for 2 days instead of 1 then I might have 9 to wash instead of 15. And if I can get 2 or 3 days out of their skirts and trousers then I have reduced that load from 15 to just 6!

I know that children rarely come home clean after a day at school, but with a little elbow grease the majority of marks and stains can be spot cleaned. Dusty knees and paint on skirts can often be scrubbed and left to dry and then worn again the next day.

TOP TIP – put a laundry basket in your child’s room just for them. Each evening go through it and retrieve all the clothes that can be worn again and put them out for the next day! No more losing things in the main laundry basket and have to wash them because they got buried under a damp towel!

*Disclaimer – my children are all age 8 or under. Older children might need a clean shirt each day but whilst mine are little they really don’t smell!*

Changing into home clothes is more comfortable

When I worked in the city as a PA I had to wear business attire every day. It was a little stuffy and uncomfortable and I am really glad that running a sewing business means I can wear comfy clothes to work!

When I got home from working in an office the first thing I did was change out of my work clothes,

My husband still has to wear a business suit every day and the first thing he does when he gets home from a day at the office is get changed,

Why? Because it is more comfortable.

And I think that is the same for children.

Soft leggings and joggers are much comfier than the stiff grey school trousers.  

Plus, you get to wear something more appropriate for the weather. In all that hot weather a few months ago my children couldn’t wait to get home to put cooler shorts and strappy dresses on!

Changing into home clothes signals the end of the school day

When your child changes out of their school uniform into home clothes it is a sign that the school day has ended.

Your child can relax. They know the rules at home. They know how you will react and home is their safe space.

I think a change of clothes really helps in making home a place of comfort and safety.  

One member of my facebook community said the same:

"I also think it is important to know it’s home, relax, get out of the school mode."

I know not everyone wants their children to change into a different set of clothes when they get home, and parents were divided in the Tutti Frutti Clothing community.

Why not join in the conversation over on Facebook or let me know in the comments - do you think changing into home clothes is important? Or are you happy for your children to wear their uniform all day?


  • Wonderful Blog, Thanks.

    Hirawats on

  • I totally agree with this principle! With my 13 year old daughter, this is not an issue. She is desperate to change out of her blazer, shirt, tie and tights and will always wear her skirt for at least 2 days. My 9 year old son on the other hand partly strips off, so just his polo top. He’s usually desperate to park himself in front of the tv with his snack. My main dilemma is having to fish out perfectly clean clothing from the stinky laundry bin, it’s a daily issue in our household! I guess at least the clothes don’t end up on the floor!

    Louise on

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