Embracing Handmade: The Beauty of Keeping it Small

Embracing Handmade: The Beauty of Keeping it Small

Embracing Handmade: The Beauty of Keeping it Small

In a world of mass-produced goods, there's just something really lovely about handmade clothes. Each stitch, every seam tells a story of dedication, love, and a commitment to values. After nearly 8 years of sewing clothes for your children, you might think that it was time that Tutti Frutti moved onto making things on a larger scale. Perhaps hiring a small number of sewers in a studio or taking the plunge and making more in a British factory.

And maybe at one point I saw getting big enough to get my clothes made in a factory as a sign of success. An outward show that Tutti Frutti had made it.

But here at Tutti Frutti I sew success differently. We proudly handmake every piece of our organic children's clothing, and here's why we believe in the beauty of keeping it small.

Who Makes Your Clothes?

I do. And currently I have help from a friend who also owns a sewing business.

But over the years it has gone in cycles – sometimes I am working alone and sometimes I have help.

In the beginning every single item was made wholly by me. From the pattern cutting to the sewing, every step was done by me at home. Over the years I have had help from friends to keep up with demand. In 2020 my Christmas collection for John Lewis was made by my and 2 other sewers. That’s the most help I have ever had. And perhaps I naively thought that was the start of moving towards factory made clothing.

But covid and the pandemic had other ideas and I had to bring production back to me entirely by the end of 2021.

2021 was also the year I opened the shop and to save costs I continued to make every item of clothing by hand myself. It soon became apparent that one person alone was not able to keep up with the demand of the people of Letchworth! Baby sizes frequently sold out and I was unable to restock as fast as I would like.

Enter Megan….

Megan owns her own sewing business, lives locally to me and we met through Instagram. We work together to create all the clothes you see in the shop and on the website. I cut them all our and package them up in batches for Meghan to sew. Megan does the majority of the leggings and I currently make all the sweatshirts and rompers.

And for now, this works well. It fits with the quantity I need to produce and the way I like to work.

It is also better for the planet.


Small Batch Making

Making garments in small batches not only ensures you get the best quality items but it is also more environmentally friendly.

Limited runs allow me to focus on perfection. I cut every garment out myself, no more than 2 or maybe 3 at a time. This means you don’t get wonky prints, stretched fabric or wastage. Every piece receives individual attention, ensuring the highest standard of workmanship. It's this personalised touch that makes each garment unique and hopefully make you feel special.

Zero Waste

Sustainability is not just a buzzword for us; it's a core principle embedded in our processes. We're passionate about reducing waste and leaving a smaller environmental footprint. Utilising fabric scraps creatively for accessories or smaller items is just one way we ensure that every piece of material is used to its fullest potential.

Our commitment to zero waste extends beyond the workshop. It's about inspiring our customers to make conscious choices. By investing in our handmade clothing, you contribute to a more sustainable future, one garment at a time.

Love Local

At the heart of our business is a belief in supporting local communities. By finding a local sewer to work with and choosing local production, Tutti Frutti continues to contribute to the local economies.

My shop windows display the slogan “Made by Us; Worn by You” and I hope that my remaining true to that will embed Tutti Frutti in Letchworth’s future.

We support local production to do the right thing and make our community proud.

The Joy of Handmade

Each clothing item has a story - one filled with passion and hard work. We put our hearts into every stitch, feeling so happy when a piece is finished. This joy of making things is what keeps us going.

And our customers feel it too. They love knowing the story behind their clothes, which makes them feel even closer to what they wear. They understand and value the effort and care put into making something really special."

Our handmade children's clothes aren't just clothes; they're a celebration of art, taking care of the Earth, and being part of a community. When you buy from us, you're helping these important things, making the world better and more beautiful.

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