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6 Ways to Save Money on Children's Clothes

 Do you find it frustrating that clothing your children can be so expensive? Are you fed up of your children growing out of their clothes before they have even had a chance to wear them? And they seem to need so much stuff! Perhaps you are conscious that buying so many clothes is not only a waste of money but bad from the planet too. Is buying cheap clothing the answer or does that short term gain result in long term damage? In this short blog post I share 6 ways that we can save money when we buy children’s clothing – with the added bonus that is will also go towards saving the planet too! 1. Planning Ahead...

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How Many Clothes Do Children Really Need?

Are your kids wardrobes stuffed full of clothes? Do you ever look at the contents of their drawers and wonder if they really need it all? Perhaps you have tried decluttering a la Marie Kondo but still you think your kids have too many clothes? I know that I am guilty of all these things. In the last few months I have cleared out many bin bags stuffed full of outgrown clothes. I’ve given the clothes to charity shops, friends and family with smaller children and sent what is totally worn out to the recycling centre. Yet it still feels like we have too much. Too Many Clothes Can be Draining When I look at the washing pile I am...

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What is the Difference Between Oeko Tex and Organic Fabric?

Are you confused by all the information provided by clothing retailers? You know the care label contains lots of useful information but don’t know what it all means? Perhaps you like to buy from small, handmade business but want to know that the fabric they use is safe for your babies and children. You see the product descriptions says “made with oeko tex certified fabric” but you have no idea what that means. Is it a good thing? Is it the same as organic fabric? If you have these questions you are not alone! In this short blog post I aim to explain what oeko tex certified actually means and the difference between oeko tex and organic fabric. My aim...

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