Rainbow Mermaid Leggings

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This bold, bright rainbow mermaid print is just amazing, don't you think? It is one of our most popular print, selling out time and time again!

Leggings are always a good choice for kids. They are easy to wear and super comfort and this pair is no different!

They have been designed for kids to play and move in with a relaxed fit and comfy elastic waistband.

All our leggings have reversible cuffs too so that you can turn them up and make them last just that little bit longer - which is a must as kids grow so quickly, don't they? 

95% organic cotton / 5% elastane

We want your little's one to feel comfy in their clothes so please use this guide to get the best fit. 

When measuring your child, don't pull the tape measure too tight as you want the clothes to fit comfortably with a little growing room to get the most from them!


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The Tutti Frutti Guide to Caring for your Clothes!

Tutti Frutti uses only the best orgaic cotton fabrics which have a touch of elastane into make the stretchy and comfy. This makes them robst and easy to wear but they still need to be taken care of properly to help them last!

To help them kee their shape and colour for longer wash them inside out ona cool setting. Avoid using stain removers as this can take the colour out of your clothes as well as the stains!

Line dry your colourful clothes to prevent them shrinking. Try not to tumble dry them if you can!


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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews

Fabulously colourful, I love the mermaid leggings so much.

Look fabulous

Knew I had to order these for my granddaughter when I saw them. They’re fabulous. Not quite as bright as the online photo, but very colourful. Good quality. Feel lovely and soft.

Emma Fletcher-Auty
Our favourite!

Love love love these! So fun and look great!

Perfect for all little mermaids

Both my daughters love their mermaid leggings. The print is just wonderfully bright (and goes with so many colours of tops!) and the fit is perfect for cloth bums on the smaller sizes and active kids of any age!