My Mummy Marches

$17.00 USD

A young girl watches her mummy proudly take to the streets to march for what she believes in.

Mummy marches through the sunshine, through the rain and through the deepest snow, on her own or hand-in-hand with others, to give voice to causes that need to be heard. Inspired to join the next generation of young activists, her daughter dreams of marching alongside her.

A joyful story celebrating the power of peaceful protest and the will to change things for the better.

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“The book discusses an empowering and empathetic theme of standing up for the world. The easy-to-read storyline and the beautiful, inclusive illustrations will resonate with young children. The inspiring story of a young girl's mommy told with whimsical illustrations makes this a perfect gift for children” —NBP Reviews

For ages 2+. 32pp. Hardcover, printed on sustainably-sourced paper using plant-based inks.