Here at Tutti Frutti Clothing I make clothes that are fun, comfy, stylish and kind to the planet. 

What we dress our children in should be kind to their skin, have a minimal impact on the environment and look good, don’t you think?

If you like to make positive choices and care about our planet that why not take a look around and see what catches your eye.

From rainbows to monochrome prints, on trend succulents to colourful jungle animals, children love them - and parents love their simplicity and easy-care practicality. 

Hi, I’m Ali and I run Tutti Frutti Clothing.

I have a big love of old musicals (especially Seven Brides for Seven Brothers and anything with Gene Kelly in!) and I live with my husband, three children, four chickens and a cat.

I love the arts - especially music - and before children I worked at the Barbican Arts Centre in London as the PA to Managing Director. I have a feeling that is where my love of all this admin started and why my patterns are always in order and stored neatly…

I now live in Hertfordshire and run Tutti Frutti Clothing from my home studio.

Each and every garment is individually cut out and sewn in my home and I really believe that making small difference contributes to big changes.

Which is why I use organic and other eco-friendly fabrics and spend hours (really – you can ask my husband!) searching for the perfect fabrics to make cool clothes for your children.

It began after a love of sewing clothes for my children took over and I realised I wanted to take it more seriously. People asked if I sold what I made and looked shocked when I said I didn't.

I had a small stall at the end of 2015 at a local craft fair. I sold one item, made a profit of £2 and was thrilled that other people wanted to buy the things I made.

I didn’t have a plan I just made anything anyone wanted in any fabric they wanted me to.

I am passionate that handmade clothes are so much better than fast fashion and I now work to a more sustainable model.

By making some small changes to the way I work – I cut out and sew in batches which reduces fabric waste and my packaging is recyclable and plastic free – Tutti Frutti Clothing really is a sustainable handmade brand.

You can read more about mewhat ethical and sustainable clothing actually is and why I think we should care on my blog.